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How to make a Lockdown Birthday special, with just 3 things!

I know we're all fatigued right now and that fatigue seems extraordinarily overwhelming when you throw a big day like a birthday, into the mix. Especially when that birthday may well be the 2nd birthday in a row, that's been celebrated in lockdown!!!

There are some simple tricks that you can use to pull together a wow birthday though, even when wow is the furthest thing from what you are feeling right now.. Whatever happens, there are just 3 things you need, to get it done right...


You've got to go big here.. It doesn't cost much, but it does have maximum impact..

Start with a number balloon, and then work out from that.. Decide on a theme, what's your little one into right now? Could you get a foil balloon that you can add to the number and then use the colours involved to fill the place with latex balloons of those colours?

You can either go big and make a full balloon ceiling, this is super easy to do, you just need to get up in time to do it, because this can't be prepped the night before as the helium won't last. Mix up a variety of colours and types of latex balloons, be sure to throw some confetti ones in there too for a bit of something extra, and then fill them with helium, tie some ribbon on them and let them float up into the ceiling.. The beauty with this is, you don't have to be precise and it doesn't take any time or effort at all for the room to magically transform.Hang a birthday banner in the mix too and just like that, you've got a super exciting, super stylish and super simple set up that will take you no time at all...

You could also make a balloon arch, this involves blowing up anything from 50 - 100 balloons and then attaching them all to some tape and fixing it to a wall, doorway, or hanging wire across a table. The results can be super effective and for sure, they are great for the photos, but just factor in a bit of extra time and also, be ready for it never quite to go 100% to plan because in my experience, these things look a lot easier and way less annoying than they actually are!

Or, go old school, just scatter the balloons over the breakfast / dinner table, in amongst the presents, or on the floor in the bedroom. Another fun thing to do is to hang balloons from streamers in a doorway.. this looks so cool and the kids, I guarantee, will love it!

2. Cake!

Honestly, what's a birthday without cake? and what's a cake without candles? It seems so obvious doesn't it, but it can so often be overlooked or over thought.. You don't need a super expensive cake, in fact, a pile of home made wonky cupcakes, looks sooooo good! If in doubt, just get yourself down to M&S and get their rainbow cake which is a definite crowd pleaser for how it looks AND how it tastes and will have your little tribe squealing with delight when those coloured layers appear. But look with cake, more is most definitely more here. Pile it high with sprinkles and even higher with candles. Let them burn, turn off all the lights and sing in the dark LOUD! Then of course, serve the cake on fancy plates, tying it in with the theme you've chosen, or just on something sparkly or bright, and life tastes automatically golden..

3. Friends...

I know, we can't have the friends over just yet, or the gathering in the park, but, you can still ensure that your little lovelies nearest and dearest are around for their big day.

MESSAGES - Get in touch with your kid’s friends (or their parents) and request that each friend mail a card or send a video text to wish your child Happy Birthday. If you want, you could have each friend share a favorite memory of your child or include a joke. My kids miss their friends and they will feel special knowing their friends thought of them on their birthdays.

DRIVE BY - Have people drive by at certain times of the day so you can chat on the drive / through the window and they can deliver a card or little present which will definitely deliver a smile.

ONLINE - Organise a time when you're going to get them together online and beforehand, take a party bag filled with goodies round to their houses. Depending on the age, you can organise to play some party games on a zoom, or, if they're older, set them up with a movie, or online with a game and they can watch / play together while delving into their goodie bags of treats and chatting as if they're in the same room. If you have a crafty child, you could make their goodie bags up with a crafty activity that the kids could all do together online.. Be sure to pop in a cupcake and a little candle too, so that when the time comes, they can all sing happy birthday and blow out the candles together.

Of course, if all this is too much, you can always schedule a party for when this is all over and have something to look forward to. from May 17th, 30 people can meet outdoors!! and from 21st June, well, that's etched in all our minds, that's the day when hopefully, we can do anything we choose again!!

Don't stress, often its the simplest of days that are the absolute best. xxx

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