Quut Beach Set Triplet

Summer time! Get ready! Who doesn’t like a throwing game on the beach or in the garden? Or do you rather build fun sand constructions? Now you can do both with this Triplet Beach Set.

This one will become your child's best friend when spending a day at the beach, park, or your next outdoor adventure.


The set includes a Triplet, a ringo and a magic sand shaper. So what are these exactly?


Triplet serves as a shovel, rake, sifter, cone and so much more..

Ringo is the most versatile and compact petanque game ever (combine it with Triplet and...tadaa you get a fun throwing game)

Magic shaper makes it easy to make unique sand art!


This is a must-have beach set this season and it will keep kids busy at the beach or in the garden for hours.

Quut Beach Set Triplet