Rose Gold Fringe Curtain

A gorgeous addition to any party or gathering,  this rose gold fringe foil curtain will be sure to get everyone in the sparkly party spirit.


Super versatile and amazing for outdoor parties in lieu of balloons, which can often float off up into the sky or pop in the wind. Just tether this between some trees or big branches (or against the fence if you're in the garden) and style your outdoor event table around it.. You'll amost hope it's windy so you can watch it sparkle in the air....


If you're using inside, hang this curtain on walls and doorways for a fabulous decoration.


Best of all, it comes as one piece so all you have to so is hang it up - nice and easy! 


Each pack contains one curtain measuring 2.5m (H) and 1m (W).

Rose Gold Fringe Curtain