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The Ultimate Advent Calendar Filler Bundle

So this one is a bit extra....


You want to put a little bit more in the calendar than some chocolate coins and you want to give it a little bit more thought than just racing to the shops and buying 24 of any old thing, so this one has you covered. It's full of stuff that's useful, fun and will last.....




The Ultimate Advent Calendar Bundle contains:

1 x Elfy Cookies Matchbox

1 x Marshmallow Toasting Matchbox kit

1 x Bear Highlighters (5 pens, so 5 days)

1 x Iron on Patch (you choose)

1 x Ice Cream Crayon OR 1 x Whoopee Cushion

1 x Nail Varnish OR 1 x Binoculars

1 x Reindeer Mini Notepad

1 x Lipstick Sweet

2 x Chocolate Coins

1 x Candy Cane Pencil

2 x Wind Up Toy - random selection sent

1 x Fizz Wiz Popping Candy

1 x Christmas Bubbles

1 x Elf Crawler - random colour sent

1 x Box Chocolate Pencils

The Ultimate Advent Calendar Filler Bundle


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