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I realized when planning my son’s first birthday party in our local park, that I absolutely loved all the planning involved in throwing a party like that. Over the years, and with the birth of my second child, a little girl this time, I started to relish planning all the birthday’s and milestones and would find any excuse to have a celebration with all the trimmings. 

I loved putting everything together, scouring the internet, creating mood boards for different themes and hammering Pinterest for weeks on end for inspiration and ideas. BUT, I also realized that doing this was really time consuming and there didn’t seem to be anywhere that I could go and be able to just click a button and have something stylish and cool all in one place. I didn’t want to have to go to loads of different places to put everything together. I didn’t want to have to keep track of all my deliveries, because I couldn’t remember where the balloons were coming from or if the cups had arrived. I was time poor and even though I enjoyed all the scrolling, I also wanted it to be simpler! 

That’s when the idea for The Box Party was born. With a background in Fashion Buying, and a Husband who works in the Film Industry (and takes the most beautiful photos) we started to make it happen.  I was relieved to see that my skills at putting together a collection hadn’t entirely disappeared since having my beautiful children, even if the buying appointments in designer showrooms across the world, have now been swapped for a little office in my dining room! But it’s here, alongside the comforting chaos of daily family life, that I find myself these days putting together these boxes and gifts for you, and I really hope that you and your family and friends get as much enjoyment out of these special days as we have out of ours.


With Much Love,

Libby x 

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