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Santa Sweepstakes Card!

Dream up any prize, and hide it in a scratch-off! Write with a pen or pencil, and cover with the three sparkly stickers (included), and give it to someone special. Scratch with a penny to reveal your hidden prize or message.


Inside, this fold-over card is blank for you to add a longer message. 


Prize/ Gift /Message Ideas:


"Will You... Marry... Me?"
"We're... Going To... Disney!"
"Puppy... Puppy... Puppy"
"I... Love... You"
"Be...  My... Bridesmaid?"


Soooo many to choose from, what will you write? 

Santa Sweepstakes Card!

  • £3.95 Standard Postage

    £5.95 Next Day Delivery, if placed before 12pm

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